Call for Papers
Green Building, Civil Engineering, Smart City

Green Building

Habitat Reconstruction
Ecological Architecture
Building Energy-Saving Technology
Building materials (green materials, advanced materials, traditional materials)
Architectural Environment and Equipment Engineering
Intelligent Building
Carbon Capture and Storage
Indoor Environment
Landscape Planning and Design
Architectural Design and Theory
Urban Planning and Design
Sustainable City and Regional Development
Civil Engineering

Geological Engineering
Municipal Engineering
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering
Structural Engineering
Heating, Gas, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering
Road Engineering
Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
Tunnel and Underground Engineering
Water Supply and Sewerage Project
Ocean Engineering
Port Engineering
Seismic Engineering
Computer Simulation
Road Survey and Design
Soil Mechanics
Construction Technology and Management
Engineering Geology 
Intelligent Construction

Smart City

Smart Buildings
Smart Transportation
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Smart Environment
Smart Living
Smart Mobility
Smart and Connected Communities
Smart Healthcare
Smart Home
Environment and Urban Monitoring
Deployments for Smart Cities
Smart Water System
Smart University and Smart Education
Smart Emergency Management
Smart Manufacturing and Logistics
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Smart City
Internet-of-Things for Smart Cities
Smart Mobile Devices
Human-Machine Interfaces
Deployments for Smart Cities
Smart Grid